1932 Ford Hot Rod Police Car

Here’s a little something I put together a while back. These cars seem to beg for customising, and the options are endless. After coming across a random picture on the internet, I wanted to make my own hot rod police car and this is the result:

The roof was chopped 5mm (that’s about 5 inches to scale) and the body was dropped about another 6mm at the front to give a much more aggressive stance.

Since there’s no hood or engine cover on this build, then engine would be exposed, so I added some wiring for more realism.

The decals came from a Camaro Police Car kit, but I think they look better on the ’32 Ford.

Despite all the work done on this build, it went together perfectly. Some kits fight you all the way, but not this one. As a result, this build was done in about half the time it usually takes. 

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