1970 Dodge Challenger

Brendan is an Aussie who restored this amazing car and jumped at the chance to have a scale replica made for him. He provided excellent images and information and was over the moon with the finished product. The image above is a “mock-up” of Brendan’s model sitting on the workbench. It really shows the quality of the paintwork and chrome trim.

You can see here the detail that went into Brendan’s dashboard. The black was airbrushed on and then all the details were hand-painted, with decals used to provide the tiny detail for the guages.


This is Brendan’s engine bay, copied from the photos he supplied. This is typical of the detail that Troy adds to his builds. Upgrades included in this build are a more realistic fan belt and radiator hoses, wiring of the battery and wiring up the distributor. Wherever possible, Troy researches the firing order for the car he is building and wires the model in the correct order.

This shot really shows some of the detail that went into Brendan’s interior. Wood grain panels on the doors and console, along with some chrome trim and “carpet” throughout. You can even see some of the engine bay details – the master cylinder and battery.

And here’s the dashboard installed. More wood grain and chrome highlights really bring the inside of the car to life.

The vinyl roof and hood pins were scratch built to match Brendan’s real car. The hood pins are wired into the grille, and slide out of the hood to allow it to open

You can see the detail put into the grille, and how the hood pins connect. Paint looks shiny, too.

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