1969 Chevrolet Camaro

Another of my favourite cars, can you tell? This car is so awesome, that it features on our logo! So I had to build one to match the image.

No matter how many times you test-fit these kits, the hood never seems to sit flat once everything’s installed. Still looks pretty good to me though. Shiny.

As much as I love these cars – and the model kits, the hood stripes are about the worst decals imaginable. Near the nose of the hood, they sit flat, but up near the windshield, they have to curve with the scoop. I can never get them to sit flush and they always end up with creases.

This is another kit that deserved some hinges. Out of the kit, the hood is removable (no hinges) and the trunk is sealed shut as part of the body. I developed new hinges using brass rod and tube, which makes them easy to place and adjust to get the right fit.

Some nice detail on the interior. Pin striping on the seats and doors, using red pin striping tape, plus all the chrome trim you’d expect in a car from this era. The interior has also been carpeted.

Nice clean engine bay, without too much detailing. Trying to get all the components on the top of the engine and still have the hood close means it’s hard to add ignition wires to this kit.

Despite what it looks like, a lot of attention was given to the front and rear of this build. Molotow chrome pens were used for the grille and tail lights to bring out the detail.

Shiny paint work, nice chrome, hinged hood and trunk, and a detailed interior. Pretty happy with how this one turned out.

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