Subaru BRZ

It’s not all muscle cars and classics here at Scale Kustoms. We do modern cars, too. This is a Subaru BRZ done for a customer. Even though there’s less engine customising to be done on modern cars, this build still used 80 reference photos to ensure we caught all the little details for the final product.

Starting with the finished product, you can get an idea of how well this build turned out. Lots of minor modifications had to be made to the kit to get this looking just like the real thing. Obvious visual changes like the colouring of the wheels and smaller details like the black highlight on the front panel inserts and two-tone side mirrors.

More great detail on the rear of this build. The badge decals have great detail and really set off the tail end. The trunk is “hinged” on these kits, with a realistic lining inside. One thing our clients love to see is their own license plate when the builds are finished, and this one certainly got that treatment. Obviously, we don’t show the license plates in our galleries!

Showing some of the added details that make these builds a little something special. Things your eyes usually just pass over. In addition to the black highlight in the front panel insert, this photo shows the two-tone side mirror, which had to be specifically duplicated to match the real thing. This shot also highlights the quality of the paintwork, with an almost mirror finish.

Engines in modern cars can look pretty boring since most of the wires and hoses are hidden away. Despite that, the BRZ (and Toyota 86) still have plenty of character to them. A little colour here and there really makes it worth while opening the hood on these models.

The interior of this build is another area of where there’s little details everywhere. The real car has red stitching, which adds a lot of character to the interior, but which would be invisible at 1:24 scale, so we added striping instead, using pinstriping tape which is less than 1mm wide.

You can see that the ‘stitching’ extends to the handbrake and gear shifter as well. The owner of the real car is an Aussie, so luckily the kit comes with both left and right hand drive options. Again, there’s a lot of detail in the dash in this kit, with different options for the SATNAV system, depending on what country you live in, and different dash gauges depending on what version of the real thing you own.

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