1960 Corvette

Who doesn’t love a classic sports car? Corvettes have long been a favourite of mine, and the 1958-1960 have always been the best of the best in my opinion. I know it’s been a long time since one rolled off the factory floor, but these cars sold for around $3,500 in 1960 and now – if you can find one – a matching numbers car is worth over $200,000 in Australia. I want one!

This model is actually a rebuild. First time around it was blue, but you can’t go past the classic red. 

The hood in these kits has a hinge of sorts, but the trunk is folded as part of the body. Despite that, I cut it open and added some hinges. It works well enough, but these pre-cut hinges need to be in the absolute right place or they cause problems. With this build, the trunk unfortunately scratches the paint on the body every time it’s opened.

Pretty standard engine. The 1960 Corvette came with a choice of two engines. The engine bay in these cars are quite spacious and the engines look clean and minimal. Most of the hoses and wires are hidden under covers or discreetly redirected under the side of the bay.

I took a leaf out of Ferrari’s book for the interior. For me, the red body and tan interior is a classic that never fails. Not sure if Chevy ever used this combo in the factory, but it’s a fav of mine.

Some eye candy

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